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Heart to hands was started by Pilar Pumar in  2008. She started as a contract henna artist in 2003, but quickly realized she wanted to start her own business with art and heart at the center of the business model.


Now, her business is family run. Often her hubby Joe is doing behind the scenes work like making this website (Joe of all trades). Her sister Maya is an up-and-coming artist creating new Henna styles and helping the business grow.  

Pilar Pumar


Pilar Pumar is a third generation small business owner in the Bay Area, CA. She graduated from California College of the Arts with a BA in Sculpture.


While in college she came across henna art. She then fell in love with henna, a many thousand year old tradition of art and blessing on the skin. Henna art allows for working on an ever changing three-dimensional canvas -the human body, and the opportunity to meet a diverse clientele of all ages and walks of life. 

Pilar loves to make custom art pieces- allowing the artistic process to guide the flow and beauty every client inspires. As a sculpture artist she sees the beauty in every form and enjoys working on the variety of shapes, forms, colors and ages that working on the body allows. Beauty and design is everywhere.

Joe Golinveaux

Joe is the luckiest man alive to be married to a a deeply spiritual artist/entrepeneur.  Joe runs his own business Mighty Nonprofits and uses his small business skills to help Heart to Hands on the business side of things.  


You will often find him in the booth during the summer season running around writing checks and stealing kisses from Pilar.  

Hubby/whatever she asks

Maya Lopez


Maya's bio is coming soon.  

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