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Henna Care For Instructions

Once you have received Henna from us, please follow these instructions to ensure the best stain possible.

1. Keep the design moist. We apply a sealant solution before you leave. Sealant is equal parts lemon juice and sugar and  should be applied with a cotton ball to the to keep the design moist.


2. Leave the henna paste on 4-6 hours or for a better stain overnight. When you are ready for bed you can wrap the design with gauze or toilet paper and tape. Then remove all the paper in the morning.


3.Remove the paste with your fingers and some vegetable oil or lemon juice.


4. The henna design will appear a light or orange color when the paste is first removed. The stain matures into a darker color over 48 hours. Keep the design away from water for the first 12 hours.


5. Caring for your stain: Mantra~ “ Oil before water no scrubbing.” Rub vegetable oil (coco butter, shea butter, Burt’s Bee’s Lip balm or other natural products) on your design before and after water.


6. NO lotion, baby oil, Vaseline or other petroleum based products that make your stain go away faster.


7. Avoid scrubbing your design, wash around it. Shave lightly if necessary without shaving cream.

Jagua Care For Instructions

Once you have received Jagua from us, please follow these instructions to ensure the best stain possible.

1. Leave Jagua gel on for 2 hours. Do NOT touch it. Dye is still active and will stain anything it comes in contact with.


2. After 2 hours remove gel under RUNNING SOAPY WATER.


3. You will notice a light yellowish to green hue. This color will mature to a blue-black over the next 48 hours.


4.**Caution: During maturation, it is possible for the design to leave a shadow stain with prolonged contact on other body parts or clothing.  Make sure to cover the design the first night you sleep to prevent this.


4. After maturation, do not exfoliate skin area of your tattoo. Apply a Vaseline or oil to the skin before getting in water.


5. Enjoy your new tattoo!

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