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Henna and Jagua

Both Henna and Jagua are 100% Natural.  When done right, Henna and Jagua are good for your body, mind and spirit.  We only use the highest quality, freshest and most natural ingredients.  


Henna is a plant. The leaves are crushed into a powder that we mix with essential oils, water, sugar and lemon juice to make the Henna paste that we put on your skin. The color the Henna dies your skin varies upon your skin tone but ranges from orange to brown. We are constantly experimenting with many different henna powders and mixtures and refining the process to provide you with the freshest, most natural and best staining Henna we can find.  

If you've received Henna from us, then you are now part of a tradition that goes back thousands of years across several continents and cultures.  


Jagua is a fruit that comes from the Amazon. The juice of the fruit is turned into a gel that we apply onto your skin.  The gel dies your skin a dark bluish black color. Indigenous tribes in the Amazonian region continue to use Jagua to ornament their bodies for cultural purposes.

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